• clavicula

    Discover a new way of creating in VR with clavicula (coming 12 AUG 2021).            

  • Neobarok 2.1.3

    Powerful, fast and intuitive 3D modeling software for everyone (last official release).          

  • Create

    Quickly design, sketch, sculpt and assemble your ideas using a versatile toolkit.

  • Paint

    Paint and decorate objects with realistic materials, colors and lights.

  • Animate

    Assemble, articulate and link objects in complex and functional structures.



Neobarok 2.1.3 for Windows

Neobarok 2.1.3 for Linux

Neobarok 2.1.3 for OSX

Neobarok Shader Layers examples

Requires GPU support for OpenGL 3.3


The guide and tutorials for 2.0 are online.
The tutorials for 1.1.3 are online.


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